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Kids Decorative Paper Straw Christmas Tree Ornaments

Get crafty with the kids this holiday season with these gorgeous decorative paper straw Christmas tree ornaments! They are so much fun and super easy to make, read on to see how you can give them a try over the festive period.


We picked our favourite Christmas-y paper straws and ribbon from our collection to get started on this fun craft project! 

Step 1 – Create the tree trunk

For this you are going to need to use 2 paper straws for your tree trunk to go at the back of the tree. Add a little glue (with parent supervision of course if it is the little ones doing it) to hold the two straws together!

Step 2 – Creating your tree

Now its time to create your beautiful tree!

Start off at the top of your tree, we have cut our first straw at about the same width as our trunk (the two green straws). Then making the straws increasingly longer as we went down the tree. Make sure to leave a little space at the top to stick your star on top later!

Each straw we added a little glue to the back and stuck it to the trunk. 

Step 3 – Trim the tree trunk

It’s now time to trim the tree trunk! Cut off any extra at the bottom that you do not want.

Step 4 – Add the star

No Christmas tree is complete without a star! For this we simply drew a star on some card and cut it out. Then we simply popped some glue on the back and stuck it to the top of our tree!

Step 5 – Add ribbon

The final stage is to add some ribbon so that we can hang up our beautiful ornaments up on the tree! We picked one from our collection and glued that into place as well.

Finishing touches

We are now ready to hang our super cute and easy ornaments up on the tree! We had so much fun making these, they really do look adorable and add a lovely pop of colour to the decorations.

If you are looking for a little more inspiration for some easy and fun DIY Christmas ideas that you can enjoy making with your kids, take a look at our other items here

Working on craft projects with your kids are always a great way to have fun together and create beautiful long lasting memories together. And now you’ll have a special keepsake to pull out every year to decorate the tree with! 

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