Brown Twisted Handle Paper Carrier Bags – Size Extra Large 39 x 14 x 39.5cms

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Elevate packaging with eco-friendly Extra Large Brown Paper Bags with Twisted Handles. Stylish, durable, and sustainable, perfect for fashion retailers and gift stores. Boost brand image, meet customer needs, and enhance satisfaction.

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 Extra Large Brown Paper Bags with Twisted Handles

Elevate your packaging with our eco-friendly Extra Large Brown Paper Bags with Twisted Handles with Twisted Handles. After all, Ideal for fashion retailers, and gift stores, these stylish and versatile Extra Large Kraft Paper Bags enhance customers’ shopping experiences and showcase your commitment to sustainability.


  1. Premium brown paper bags: Besides, Twisted handles offer style, durability, and attractive packaging.
  2. Size and thickness: Bags measure 390 x 395 x 140 mm (width x height x gusset) with a 90gsm thickness, holding various items safely.
  3. Sustainable choice: Made from eco-friendly white kraft paper besides, our bags promote responsible practices.
  4. User-friendly design: A flat block base ensures stability and a thin handle allows comfortable carrying.
  5. Various sizes: Small, medium, and large brown paper bags with handles meet diverse needs.
  6. Customisable options: Add your logo or brand colours for personal, attractive bags (we do NOT offer this service).


  • Boost brand image: Stylish, sustainable packaging sets you apart from competitors.
  • Meet customer needs: Offer the right bag size for purchases, ensuring tailored shopping experiences.
  • Multipurpose: Extra Large Brown Paper Bags are ideal for shopping, and gifting besides, is use in personal stores or events.
  • Enhance satisfaction: Durable, stylish bags improve customers’ shopping experience and encourage loyalty.


In addition, Invest in our Extra Large Kraft Paper Bags for retail and gifting. Combining style, quality, and sustainability equally important, to our brown twisted handle bags are excellent for your business. After all, explore our selection today and leave a lasting impression while following eco-conscious life styles.

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