Green Twist Handle Paper Carrier Bags – Size Large 32 x 42 x 12cms

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Style meets sustainability with  Twist Handle Paper Bags. Strong kraft paper, chic design, 100% recyclable. Elevate your brand today! These green large kraft paper bags with Handles Ideal for retailers, fashion stores.

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Green Twist Handle Paper Carrier Bags / Gift Bags

Introduce style and function with our Green Twist Handle Paper Carrier Bags. These Green Large Kraft Paper Bags with Handles are perfect for retailers and gift stores. Further, Offering a blend of elegance and sustainability, they are a testament to your brand’s commitment to the environment.

Key Features:

  • Our range of Twist Handle Paper Carrier Bags are made from strong kraft paper
  • Size of Bag 320x420x120mm (width x height x gussett)
  • 90 gsm
  • Flat block base and a thin white twisted paper handle
  • Ideal for fashion retailers and anyone seeking that extra touch of quality
  • 100% recyclable and 100% bio-degradable

Benefits of Using Our Bags:

  1. Enhance Brand Image: In addition, Our stylish, sustainable packaging distinguishes you from competitors. It underscores your commitment to a higher standard of service.
  2. Meet Customer Needs: Furthermore, we cater to unique requirements with our range of Medium Green Paper  bag sizes, ensuring a more personalised shopping experience.
  3. Versatile Use: These Green Twist Handle Paper Carrier Bags are suitable for shopping, gifting, or personal use. They’re perfect for both stores and events, making them a versatile choice.
  4. Improve Customer Satisfaction: Besides, Our durable, stylish Green Paper Bags with Twisted Handles improve customers’ shopping experiences. Lastly, they can help foster brand loyalty and customer retention.

Moreover, invest in our Green Large Kraft Paper Bags with Handles today. Lastly, they combine style, durability, and sustainability, making them a fantastic addition to your retail store. Explore our selection today. After all, make a lasting impression on your customers while promoting eco-conscious practices.

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