Magnetic Gift Box – White – Medium

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Introducing the Medium White Magnetic Gift Box: Add a special touch to your gifts with this elegant and thoughtful Gift Box.

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Introducing the White Magnetic Gift Box with a Touch of Subtle Elegance: Elevate Your Gifting Experience

Discover the exquisite Medium White Magnetic Gift Box, a perfect choice for bridesmaid proposals and other special occasions. Meticulously designed with precision and sophistication thus making our White medium gift wrapping box an essential addition to any gifting or presentation set.

A Blend of Luxury and Practicality

Experience the harmonious blend of opulence and functionality as the box boasts a luxury soft touch finish on its exterior. Furthermore, the half flap magnetic closure, impressive with a graceful ribbon, provides a seamless opening and closing experience, imparting an additional layer of refinement and ease.

Versatility Redefined

Our Medium White Magnetic Gift Box (220mm x 170mm x 50mm) is a versatile solution that caters to a myriad of needs, making it a stellar choice not only for bridesmaid proposals but also for

  • Birthdays
  • weddings
  • keepsakes
  • corporate events

Thus, it radiates charm across various occasions.

For Every Momentous Occasion

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box: Delight your bridesmaids with a gesture of heartfelt appreciation thus Surrounding the essence of your sincere request.

Enchanting Christmas Surprises: Fashion enchanting Christmas Eve boxes for youngsters thus igniting their anticipation and wonder.

Corporate Impressions: Leave a lasting impact on clients with this box, perfectly suited for product launches and corporate gifting efforts.

Elevate Your Gifting Journey

In addition, our brand proudly presents a splendid collection of White medium gift wrapping box that are available in an array of colours and sizes. Further, each box is Carefully crafted to ensure that every event becomes a remarkable affair.

Finally, embrace the art of Flawless display and elevate your celebrations with our premium White Magnetic Gift Box. Be it heartfelt sentiments, beloved memories, or precious gifts, our box impeccably cradles them all. Celebrate life’s extraordinary moments with this opulent gift box, an authentic thought of your careful and panache.


Length: 220mm

Width: 170mm

Height: 50mm



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