Red Matt Boutique Paper Carrier Bags with Rope Handles (Small) 15cm wide

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Elevate your brand with Luxury Small Red Matt Laminated Boutique Gift Bags. Crafted from high-quality 210gsm coated board, featuring reinforced base & short rope handles. Ideal for boutiques, events, and gifts.

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Luxury “Small” Red Matt Laminated Boutique Gift Bags

Make your events more memorable with Small Red Luxury paper bags. Crafted from high quality 210gsm coated board, featuring reinforced base & short rope handles. Our Red Laminated paper bags will add that extra touch of charm and luxury to your brand. Moreover, they make great Boutique Paper Gift Bags for any occasion.

In addition, Our Small premium Red Plain paper bags are perfect to cater to businesses and events, providing an exceptional solution for promotional packaging and gift presents. Enhance your store’s packaging or elevate your event’s branding with our best quality boutique paper bags.

  • Besides, We make our Small Red Luxury paper bags from high-quality 210gsm coated board. Which surpasses the quality of other UK suppliers.
  • Size of Bag 150 x 190 x 80 mm (width x height x gusset)
  • Matching Red short rope handles
  • We fit our bags with a reinforced base for increased strength.
  • Our elegant Red Laminated paper bags are available in both gloss and matt finishes and are perfect for clothing or shoe boutiques, Jewelery of craft shops or indeed any retailer seeking to add that extra touch of elegance and luxury to their brand.
  • Please note that, all the sizes are estimated. As a result, the images are only for illustrative purposes only.
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